Weekend Adventures

Okay, so it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged last. So sorry! Let’s just say things have been a little crazy the past few weeks. This past weekend my husband and I, and a few other people went to a city about 3 hours away to help with a political campaign. On the way up though, as i was driving, my tire decided to, well shed some weight, and got rid of some tread WHILE I was driving. But after finding a tire shop that made an emergency run out and $50 later, we continued on to the campground we were going to stay at.

Remember how i said that Vitamin D is really important? Well for some reason when I get natural (sun) Vitamin D for to long, it take revenge and turns my skin red. Like, that really red nail polish you only wear on your toes cause it’s to bright type of red. We were door knocking (again for a political campaign) and one guy that opened the door said this to me “Did you know you got sunburned?” I wanted to reply this “Oh is that why my skin feels like it’s burning right off of me? Wow! Thanks! I had NOO idea!”. Lets just say, i’m STILL red… 5 days later. Oh the woes of a fair ish skinned girl.

And so this past weekend we were camping right? And I wake up at 5:30 to a sanctuary of birds. Pretty cool. But we leave to go get work done, and came back during the day to jump in the river. Well… the campground was PACKED. Like people all up in our space type of thing. So we go hop in the river, cool down, and pack up again to head to town. But we are worried that all the drunk people will do something to our tents. Well, I was worried. And as we are discussing this, a guy hops in his car and pulls up a foot from one of the tents. Like, hello?! To many people in my personal bubble here. Well most of the loud people were gone that evening so it ended up being ok.

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