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The Nature Of A Lady : Book Review

The Nature Of A Lady written by Roseanna M. White is the first in the series The Secrets Of The Isles. This story is captivating, taking the reader to a series of islands and their residents. Lady Elizabeth or “Libby” as she likes to be called, rents a cottage on one of these islands for the summer.

Be prepared for a book that will prevent you from putting it down. Filled with mystery, faith, adventure, and love. Every time I thought I had the mystery figured out, it would turn out I was wrong. Such a great story and definitely one I would read again. The characters drew me in further. I was fairly sad though when it ended. I wanted more!

Roseanna did a fantastic job writing the relationships between the characters. There were some points I wasn’t sure what would happen between two of the characters. And I love how real they seemed. As if I were right there next to them the whole entire time. Absolutely lovely.

So if you’re looking for a fantastic read that will take you on an adventure with only words and paper, this is the book for you.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own*

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