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The Magnolia Duchess Book Review

The Magnolia Duchess is the third book in the Gulf Coast Chronicles written by Beth White. I have read the Creole Princess, and absolutely loved that book, so when I got this book I was equally excited to start it. First off, the History in this book is great. I love how historical figures are woven into the story. The time period this book focuses on is unique, and not much out there as far as historical novels go. 

The characters in the book were hard for me to follow. To be honest the first few chapters were a tiny bit boring and I feel like the characters didn’t have that much depth to them. The relationship between the main characters I felt was a little rushed and you never see their relationship deepen gradually. It was a little confusing to me. But the mystery to the story and the elements of faith were wonderful. 

But the mystery to the story and the elements of faith were wonderful. Overall the book is pretty good and I did enjoy it. It probably won’t be one I read over and over, but I will pass it on for my friends and family to read. 

*I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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