My most graceful but embarrassing moment.

The day I had my most graceful moment, was also very embarrassing for me. 
We had just arrived in Vancouver. It was late at night, and the airport was pretty empty except for a few people who waited around for their rides. My brother was on his way to pick us up so we waited inside sitting down in the nearly empty baggage claim. My mom texted my dad to let him know we made it, Maddie, my sister, and I sat there taking in everything around us. 
Maddie started smiling oddly. “What’s wrong?” I asked, curious as to her change in behavior. 

“That’s a guy from a hallmark movie.” She said nodding to a really good looking guy sitting across the room from us. 
I snuck a picture of him and then googled him. This embarrassed my sister. She didn’t even want to look at him. I wanted to go up to him but she started freaking out so I didn’t. My brother texted us and said he was almost there. So we left to go meet him. But the movie star decided he would also leave. 

We stood in line to exit, we were right behind him. I kept teasing my sister, watching her freak out at being so close to him. We followed him out, my sister decided to walk fast with my mom in front of him. I got stuck behind him because a couple blocked me from catching up to where they were. So there I walked directly behind this movie star, slightly having a fangirl moment when suddenly he stops right in front of me. 
Now, I’m normally a very clumsy person. I had two options, run straight into him or somehow try and avoid him. A scenario flashed through my mind in those 4 seconds of decision, I imagined me running into him and falling flat on the ground, giving him road rash and dying from embarrassment. I quickly hopped over though, my luggage almost tipping behind me, nearly missing the couple next to me and sort of hopping on one foot to just barely miss running into this handsome movie star. 
Apparently, my facial expression had been funny because he turned around and smiled at me. I suddenly got the case of giggles once I caught up to my mom and Maddie. My Mom said that was the most graceful moment of my very clumsy life. Thankfully I avoided a collision with this guy, but it was very embarrassing. So there you have it, my most graceful but embarrassing moment. 

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