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I hear people say “oh I could never give up (insert food of choice)”. When I tell people I have given up dairy, grains or sugar I get this blank stare. Like they just found out I’m from krypton and find my food choices odd. 
But when I hear people tell me what they could NEVER give up, I internally roll my eyes. I must admit, I judge them. I think “how could you have such little self control?”. It still baffles me how someone would rather eat whatever they want even when they know they are hurting themselves. For instance, corn syrup has been found to spike blood sugar levels, yet people with blood sugar issues still eat this highly processed goopy sweet liquid. It’s like willingly swallowing razor blades and knowing it’s killing you but “oh you know I could never give it up, I just like it to much”. 

Okay I know no one is perfect. In fact I struggle every day! My doctor told me I should be on the paleo diet. I have been since April. But sometimes I just get sick of not eating what everyone else is (I mean they look like they are really enjoying eating that way) and then I “splurge” and eat something with pasta and instant regret it. I am human, and I have my moments. But when you instantly right something off without trying it fist, it’s a little cowardly. Are you that addicted to cheese you couldn’t go a week without it? Are you so selfish that you would rather eat that chocolate corn syrup filled treat knowing it could spike your blood sugar sending your body in turmoil. 

“Well it’s my body and I can do what I want!” Yes it is your choice. But if you have family, friends, a spouse or children then you are being selfish when it comes to your food choices if you know it will harm you. What would your children do if you had a heart attack? What would your family do if you had a stroke? What would your friends do if you were driving and you ate that sugary snack that made your vision blur? Sometimes choices that we make that we think will only affect us actually affect others who care about us. 
Maybe next time instead of telling yourself you can’t give up that food, maybe say “yes I can, and I will.” You have the power to limit yourself or push yourself to be better. 

next time someone talks about their health journey, instead of saying “I could never give up such and such.” Maybe you could encourage them, even if you don’t agree with them. Us health nerds get tired of being made fun of when it comes to our food choices. We all struggle. We are all human. And we all need some encouragement and a friend to listen to us.

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