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Kombucha Revolution : Book Review

Kombucha Revolution is a great book for any kombucha enthusiast or beginner. The book starts off with a brief history of how the author first found kombucha. This fermented drink has caught the public eye, especially the health conscious. “Kombucha. It’s been called the ‘elixer of life,’ a cure-all that detoxifies the body, aids digestion, reenergizes the mind, and even helps reverse the symptoms of cancer. Drink several glasses of this fermented tea a day and, according to some, its healing properties will lower cholesterol, help with weight loss, reduce hot flashes, and create a general sense of well-being.” 

Stephen Lee, the author of this book, has had experience in tea from all across the globe. He talks about his personal experience with kombucha, about his kombucha company, and then the rest of the book has some amazing recipes that anyone can try. From cocktails to dressing this book has it all. I recommend everyone read this book, whether you are just starting your journey with kombucha, or if you have been brewing it for years. The recipes are easy to follow, and will please any kombucha drinker. 


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