Honor Redeemed : Book Review

Honor Redeemed written by Christine Johnson is a wonderful book, and one that was not easy to put down (so I didn’t and didn’t get anything done all day).  The story is about a woman named Prosperity Jones, who has seen heartache. She goes to Key West after her dear Mother passes away to be near her beloved David. Prosperity takes the long trip from Nantucket to Key West only to find out that David is married to someone else. Heart broken and lonely she sets out to make a place for herself in Key West. A Kind doctor befriends her, and he could be the answer to Prosperity’s loneliness. 

But the truth about Davids marriage slowly comes out. Could Prosperity trust the one she has loved, or will she choose another more safer option?

Christine Johnson wrote Honor Redeemed very nicely. The characters were great, even the second characters were well thought out and well rounded. The plot of the book was intriguing and sometimes suspenseful. With the way she writes, you will feel as if you are in Key West right by Prosperity’s side. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There were parts that were predictable, and to be honest I have read a book with a similar plot. But it was still enjoyable to read. 

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review


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