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Carrot Apple Juice


Carrot Apple Juice Recipe www.puretraditions.com

This carrot & apple juice is a nice sweet juice that is full of good nutrients too! Carrot juice health benefits include:

  • Vitamins: A, C, E, B, and Potassium

  • Improves Digestion

  • Improves Eyesight

  • Prevents Cancer

  • Regulates Blood Sugar

  • Promotes Lung Health

  • Great For Your Skin

  • Improves Liver Function

  • Helps Cleanse Acne

  • Helps With Constipation

  • Helps Fight Anemia


Health benefits of apple juice include:

  • Prevents Cancer

  • Helps Your Heart Stay Healthy

  • Promotes Lung Health

  • Protects Brain Cell Damage

  • Reduces Risk Of Asthma[amd-yrecipe-recipe:9] 


27 February, 2017 at 8:39 am

Thank you for sharing, I am a huge carrot juice fan. I drink it every other day

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