28 Days of Vegan and Gluten Free

Yes, I am going vegan and gluten free for 28 days!! I am currently on day 7 of my journey back to health. Last week while in Tennessee i found out that i have autoimmune, chronic fatigue, and my stomach cannot break down foods like it should. I am currently on probiotics, enzymes, and immune boosting supplements, plus a multi vitamin and vitamin D3. Yes i know, it’s a lot. But i am feeling so much better! I have started to crave fruits and veggie’s instead of meat and ice cream! I actually look forward to eating each day. I am still very tired, but i believe that is from my body healing. Tonight i look forward to having stir fry veggie’s with tofu. I never realized how “sick” i was until i started feeling better. Like not getting sick every time i eat, more energy, actually losing weight instead of gaining. So excited about this new journey i am on! I will post recipe’s , advice, and of course my journey as i go through the next 28 days.

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