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The Time Chamber : Book Review

The Time Chamber Book Review : Pure TraditionsThe Time Chamber by Maria Song is a beautiful story where you get to color each page. Intricate coloring books have become very popular recently, and are a great way to destress. This book is number 2 in a series, unfortunately I wasn’t able to read the first (or color), but I am thoroughly enjoying this book. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit and color away my stress, especially before the business of the Holidays. Even those with OCD will love the symmetrical designs. This brings out the creativity in all of us, and gives us a chance to change how the story looks. 

Now the only negative thing about the book is more the binding than the content of the book. I wish it was spiral bound or easier to open. It loves to close on  you, and you can’t get in the middle towards the binding with a colored pencil (this is what I use). A spiral bound would be easier, and if someone wanted to frame it they could. But that is the only thing I would change with the book. 

I hope you all have a chance to let your imaginations go and experience creativity and color with this book. 

*I was given this book for free in exchange for my honest review


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14 December, 2015