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The Mistress of Tall Acre : Book Review

The Mistress of Tall Acre : Book Review - Pure Traditions

The Mistress Of Tall Acre by Laura Frantz is a delightful, page turning, book. This book is packed with History, mystery, love, and suspense! Laura Frantz has written another amazing book. This is one you will want to read.

Sophie is the daughter of a hated Tory. She is left alone to pick up the pieces of her family’s home, Three Chimneys. When she befriends the little girl next door, Lily Cate, she also gets to know Lily Cate’s father, Seamus. Seamus, just returned from war, is also picking up the pieces of his estate Tall Acres. A widower, Seamus wants his daughter to be happy, but is concerned when his daughter, Lily Cate, seems to only want to be with Sophie. 

The characters of this book will have you laughing and crying along with them. With surprises woven into the story is sure to keep you reading. I personally enjoyed this even more with it based in Virginia. After reading this book I went to historical Williamsburg and could almost see the characters from this book walking down the streets. This book is definitely going to be on my top favorite list! 

*I was given this book for free for my honest review. 

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