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Slow Cooker Butternut Squash

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash

There are times where you just don’t have time to cook a butternut squash. But did you know you can put it into your slow cooker and leave it for a few hours and it will cook it for you? It’s so easy!

All you need is aluminum foil and your butternut squash. Wrap your squash in the foil and place into the slow cooker on high for 4 hours or low for around 6 (times may vary depending on make and model of slow cooker).

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash


When it’s done cut it in half and scoop out the seeds. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top with some butter and you have a delicious side dish with out heating the oven, and with very little time. Slow Cooker Butternut Squash

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