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Room For Hope : Book Review

Room For Hope: Book Review


Room For Hope written by Kim Vogel Sawyer is yet another brilliantly written book. Neva Shilling is a loving and dedicated wife. Her husband travels often and while he is gone Neva takes care of the mercantile. She works hard trying to earn a living as the Depression hits the country. But her world is turned upside down when a wagon carrying three children arrive, with news that Warren and his wife passed away leaving the children to her, their “Aunt Neva”.  Neva is crushed by the news, and wants nothing to do with the three children that arrived. But she can’t just abandon these children. 

Room For Hope is a compelling story about love, forgiveness, and hope. The characters are well thought out and written. The plot is unique and refreshing. Not a book you can predict within the first few chapters. The themes of love, hope, and forgiveness are woven into the chapters, making this an exceptional inspirational read. 

Kim Vogel Sawyer has been known to write what I call “page turners”, books you just can’t put down until the last page. Room For Hope is a captivating story, one that I personally enjoyed thoroughly. Sawyer takes you to a small Kansas town in the mid-1930’s. A quiet, quaint, peaceful town. Her style of writing will put the images right into your imagination, transporting you to another time and another place. You will be immersed with the characters in the story. 

If you are looking for a great book to read, this is it! This one will definitely be added to my personal Library. I look forward to reading more of Kim Vogel Sawyer’s books.

*I was given this book for my honest review.*

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