This Road We Traveled : Book Review

This Road We Traveled written by Jane Kirkpatrick is about a woman named Tabitha Brown and her family. Tabitha travels with her family as they head to Oregon from Missouri. The sacrifices they made for the trip and the goodbyes to friends and family are hard on Tabitha and her family, but the Oregon Trail proves to be even harder. 

I personally tried to really like this book but it seemed to be so slow! I really couldn’t get connected with the characters or the story line. The subject of the Oregon Trail has always been intriguing to me and i thought this book would be a great read, but I couldn’t seem to connect at all with the book or even enjoy it. I really tried, but the writing style and the long drawn out details just weren’t for me. 

On the upper hand, there is tons of history woven into the book. I did like that part. With historic figures, places, and the time period itself. I wished I had enjoyed this more so I could recommend it. 


*I was given this book in exchange for my honest review

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