The Reluctant Duchess : Roseanna M. White Book Review

The Reluctant Duchess written by Roseanna M. White is part of Ladies Of The Manor series. The Reluctant Duchess is full of twists and excitement. The characters are well thought out, and the plot is interesting and exciting. I love the look between two different worlds, one in Ireland and the other in London. The book is based in the Edwardian period and sheds a new light on life in those days. 

Lady Rowena Kinnaird, one of the leading characters in this story has a charming Irish burr. I love how you see the pain, hope, and love through this character as she grows. I didn’t read the first book but still could jump right into this one without much confusion as to who was who. Each character has their own doubts, strengths, and faith. I love how diverse the characters are in this way, and it makes it so much more interesting to read. 

If you enjoy historical Christian fiction, you will love this book. I surely enjoyed it and will keep it in my library to read again. 


*I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion*

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