So tonight i was getting some fresh made gluten free brownies in zip locks to take with us this weekend. But while doing that i accidentally knocked over my liquid smoke that i use in stews, chili’s  and such. Well i guess the lid wasn’t on as tight as i thought and half of it spilled on the floor. It instantly smelled like the 4th of July with about 30 BBQ’s at once. My husband had the bright idea of covering up the smell, after i cleaned it up, with peppermint oil. “Yeah that’s a great idea!” So i poured some peppermint oil on the floor, hoping it would smell like peppermint instead of BBQ. But instead it smells like barbecued peppermint. Very odd smelling. And i spilled some on my foot. And after being sick for a week, today was my first day i could smell stuff. Whew, does it smell strong. Next time, i will clear everything from within arms length of me before i put brownies away, that way it doesn’t smell like a BBQ at midnight again.

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