Last days of juicing

 On Friday we went to North Carolina. So the juicing slowed down some. I have found that cheese (dairy) upsets my stomach some so i will most likely have to avoid that now. Today i haven’t had any juice yet, and my stomach is protesting now. Amazing how one week has changed my energy levels, what i crave, and my weight. I will continue juicing, just not as extreme. I have found also that my eyes don’t hurt when i read! Maybe all those carrots? I used to get really bad headaches from reading for more than 3 hours, and now i can read a whole book without getting a headache. Pretty awesome stuff! I have leftover carrots, ginger, apples, oranges, grapefruit, lettuce, and celery. If you try juicing, I suggest putting apples in most of it until you get used to the taste. I love the taste of carrots by themselves. So delicious! I still have not had any meat yet. I will be staying away from Pork and Beef though. I honestly feel like a completely new me. So much energy, and feeling light! Well I’m off to go juice my dinner. I’m craving some grapefruit, carrots, and oranges!

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