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Homemade Hummus Recipe

Homemade Hummus Recipe - Pure TraditionsI love hummus. Either with pita chips or on top of a green salad with balsamic vinegar, hummus is one of my favorite things to eat. The hummus sold in stores have so many added ingredients and preservatives that I decided to try my hand at making it. And I was surprised to see how easy it is!

Photo Dec 15, 12 48 06 PMI love topping a fresh salad with hummus instead of dressing. I added some fresh tomatoes and purple bell peppers from my hydroponics system I built myself (Click Here to find out how to build your own!)Tomatoes Grown From Hydroponics

A few simple ingredients, and a few seconds (or 45) in my ninja, and you have yourself some delicious quick homemade hummus. 

I use a Ninja (like this one) to blend mine up. You can use a food processor though if you don’t have a Ninja.

1 Can Garbanzo Beans (I use Organic)

2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice ( I used 5 drops lemon essential oil from Young Living)

3/4 teaspoon Cumin

Pinch of Salt (I use Himalayan Pink Salt)

2-4 Tablespoons Water (add less for thicker hummus or more for thinner)

1 Clove fresh garlic minced

2 teaspoons olive oil

Add to food processor and process until well blended and no chunks are left. Pour it into a serving bowl or on top of a salad and enjoy!


Hummus Recipe - Pure Traditions

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