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Why Hemp Should Be Legalized: Economical and Environmental Benefits

Why Hemp Should Be Legalized: Economical and Environmental Benefits.

Why Hemp Should Be Legalized: Economical and Environmental Benefits

What is Hemp?

Industrial hemp, cannabis sativa, comes from the same family as the well-known marijuana plant. But this particular plant has a very low levels of THC, and actually has a CBD which blocks the “high” effects from marijuana. Also, hemp cross pollination with the marijuana plant will actually lower THC levels in the marijuana plant so they cannot be planted together.

Hemp has been used since the beginnings of the United States. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. George Washington also grew hemp and several other founding fathers.

Economical For States.

Many companies in the U.S. have started using hemp fiber in their products. This fiber has to be imported from other countries such as Canada, because it is currently illegal to grow it within the States. Legalizing industrial hemp would not only save local companies money, but would grow the market for hemp products.

Hemp can be used for rope, clothes, lubricating oil, paper, hemp oil, and more. Hemp seeds are considered a health food, and is a complete protein when consumed and is in many protein shakes.

Industrial hemp can be used to build houses, in place of wood. Structures built with hemp are stronger and cheaper to build. You can read more HERE

Legalizing hemp would bring more jobs, and more industries into the state that legalizes hemp. Not only would it bring more money to the farmer, but manufacturing plants of various item would save money on buying local grown hemp instead of importing from various countries.

Environmental Benefits.

Hemp can be used instead of wood. Hemp will grow 10-20 Feet within 4 months where trees take 20-40 years to mature. Hemp also reduces topsoil erosion, and can be grown on most farmland. Also fewer chemicals are used in the process of making paper with hemp than wood.

Hemp can also be used instead of cotton and is 10 times stronger than cotton. Unlike cotton, hemp doesn’t require as much water and can grow in most climates. Cotton also is responsible for 50% of all pesticides used in the United States. Replacing some of the cotton fields with hemp would not only help the environment but also the health of those living near those cotton farms. 

Hemp is also naturally resistant to weeds and most insects. Which means no herbicides and little to no pesticides are used to grow hemp. This not only makes it better for the environment but also cheaper for the farmer.

To learn more about hemp legalization in the sates and different legislation go here 

Hemp also has some great health benefits Click Here to read about the health benefits of hemp.

Read more about hemp oil HERE 

Why Hemp Should Be Legalized: Economical and Environmental Benefits

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