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Forsythia Syrup Recipe

Forsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions #wildedibles #recipeForsythia is usually one of the first flowering bushes in spring. With beautiful yellow flowers before any leaves come. Those yellow flowers make a delicious floral syrup. The syrup can be used in tea, scones, over pancakes, or other sweets. It is very simple to make.


Forsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions


First find a Forsythia bush. On how to identify and thie history click hereForsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions

Springtime before all the leaves come out is easiest, but even if the leaves are out you can pick the flowers. Choose a semi-windy day so that you aren’t fighting the bees. If you see lots of bees wear gloves. Pick about 2 cups worth of flowers. Bring them inside and rinse them with cold water in a strainer. Forsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions

Forsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions

Heat water on stove on high heat. Add sugar and stir continuously until sugar is disolved. Continue stirring for one minute and remove from heat. Forsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions

Add flowers and stir them into water sugar mixture. Cover the syrup and let steep overnight. Once steeped drain liquid into bottles filtering out flowers with cheesecloth or a nut milk bagForsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions

Forsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions

Forsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions

Forsythia Syrup - Pure Traditions


That’s it! I hope you enjoy this delightful treat! Below are some links on other ways to use Forsythia flowers!

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Forsythia Syrup - Pure #wildedibles #recipe


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