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To Follow Her Heart : Book Review

To Follow Her Heart written by Rebecca DeMarino is a captivating book. It is the third book in The Southold Chronicles. The story takes place in 1664. Patience Terry is grief-stricken when she learns that Captain Jeremy Horton’s ship had been shipwrecked and no survivors were found. She holds a small hope inside that he somehow is still alive. 

Jeremy, unaware of the mourning for him going on at home, sails on a British warship. He is sent on a mission to attack New Amsterdam and claim it for the crown. When he returns to Southold the surprise of the people there is obvious, and Patience is overjoyed. But with Jeremy giving up the sea for now, not everything is quite how patience thought it would be.

This historical fiction is beautifully written. It takes you right to Southold in the mid 1600’s and how the people would have lived. Also the characters were well thought out and seemed so real. This book will take you through a myriad of emotions also. From laughter to crying (yes I cried!) to happiness and sadness. A great book always engages the reader, and this is what this book did for me. 

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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