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Flight Of Arrows : Book Review

Flight Of Arrows written by Lori Benton’s book is the second in the Pathfinder series.  In book one of the series, The Woods Edge, we are told the story of Reginald Aubrey, a grieving father whose love for his wife, causes him to exchange his dead newborn son for a baby boy born to a white mother and Indian father. In this book, A Flight of Arrows, the story continues.

Twenty years have passed since Reginald Aubrey made the choice that forever changed his life and the lives of Stone Thrower, Good Voice, and their sons. When William Aubrey, finds out his true heritage he runs away to join forces with the British, leaving behind his grieving family. Reginald and Stone Thrower must put aside any ill feelings so they can find William and bring him back home.

Two Hawks, the twin raised with their Oneida people has a reason of his own for wanting to be the one to bring his brother home; he wishes to gain trust and respect from Reginald so he can ask for his daughter, Anna’s hand in marriage. Will they be able to find William before the war snatches him away from them permanently?

The book is filled with details and will transport you to a historical time period. There are times where the story gets a little slow, but all in all the book is a great read, and you won’t regret picking it up! 

***Thanks to Waterbrook Press for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion***

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