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Falling In Love With Vegetables

  And the struggle continues. I am not noticing much weight loss, but I am feeling a lot better!! Honestly, I will take feeling better over losing the weight. I have probably lost some, but since I do not have a scale, I can’t weight myself and see. But continuing with the workouts, and a green juice a day has helped in energy levels, alertness, and overall feeling of wellness. Sometimes I get jealous of thin people eating junk food, but then I remember that with eating healthy food I won’t have to worry as much about health issues, and I will feel GREAT! Like strep throat went around this winter, and I didn’t get it! I’ve actually never had strep throat as far as I remember. Now some people say that they want to eat the food they want and die early and be happy. But are you REALLY happy when your body is wasting away? Most likely not. See, for me I would rather eat healthy, live longer, and be happy, instead of eating crap, dying earlier, and feeling miserable (but pretending to be happy). See once you switch to eating healthy, it’s addictive. You don’t want to go back to the way things were because you feel so good, and if you do go back, you realize that you don’t feel good anymore and it’s not worth being sick over.

  Once you train your taste buds to LOVE fruits and veggies again, you won’t be able to get enough! Now you can “splurge” once in awhile, but most likely, after the splurge you wonder “why did I do that?!”. It all comes down to priorities. Are you putting your health first when you choose to eat something, or are you putting those harmful cravings first? Once you realize all the chemicals, sugars, and fake stuff you are eating instead of living, nutrient dense foods, you can’t go back! When i drink my green juice, I actually FEEL my body absorbing the nutrients. I know it sounds odd to say that but my mind cleared, my eyes opened up more, I had the energy of a 8 year old, and I just felt healthy. Well that is my little rant for the day, I will post later this weekend or next week on what foods are ACTUALLY healthy.


17 May, 2013 at 11:18 pm

I have been so happy since I started eating vegan and juicing! It's amazing what happens! And my taste buds are so different now…for the better!

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