Day 2

   So today is day 2 of only fruits and veggies. I’m super hungry, but not the normal hungry. I need to make sure i drink LOTS of water. Tomorrow we are having friends over and i’m trying to decide what i should make that i can eat and they can. I’m going with a “dessert” , and i think i may make raw vegan lemon poppy truffles. Basically it has nuts, seeds, dates, and lemon. I guess that will be ok? Wednesday is day 1 of ALL JUICE for me. Also we are supposed to get around 12 inches of snow. (HOLY SMOKES!) If i make the lemon poppy truffles i’ll post a recipe later, with a review and possible pictures if i remember. Tomorrow i’m going to fill an empty 1 gallon jug and use that for my drinking water to make sure i drink lots. It’s really important for me to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins. Well until next time! Cheers!

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1 March, 2013