DIY Branch Ornaments

DIY Branch Ornaments

Homemade ornaments are always fun to make, and they add character to your Christmas tree. Making ornaments from things around the house is an age old tradition that many have done for many generations. This year I wanted to add a more rustic feel to my Christmas tree, so i made star ornaments from tree branches. These branch ornaments are fun to make, and add that rustic feel to your holiday decorating. Continue reading →

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Illuminated Bottle DIY

This past weekend we went camping, and we found a cool way to make diy lanterns to put on the table.

flash light or LED tea light

take water and poor in bottle (glass bottle). Tape flash light or LED light to top. Turn on and enjoy!

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Coffee Filter flowers

I made these flowers out of coffee filters i dyed myself. All you need is :

Coffee Filters
3 cups
Acrylic paint or any water based paint
green tape, or masking tape
wire or straws

The instructions are at this site Click here for insturctions . This blog has so many great ideas and how-to’s .

 Things you need to make the flowers.

I dyed them Pink!!
Below are “peony” coffee filter flowers
“Rose” Coffee filter flowers
I love how these turned out. They look so real, and are cheap to make, and fun also!! A great way to have fancy decorations, for the budget minded.           
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