On The Banks Of Swartz Creek chapter 5

On The Banks Of Swartz Creek by Alyssa Tillett

Chapter 5

Wells exited the small cabin and was greeted by the morning sun. He stretched out his arms and yawned. Grabbing the buckets used to gather water, he headed towards the stream. It was a short walk, and the cool water helped wake him up. As he filled the buckets, he heard what sounded like a horse. Continue reading →

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On The Banks Of Swartz Creek Chapter 3

On The Banks Of Swartz Creek By Alyssa TillettChapter 3

Oregon City, September 1st, 1852

The weary travelers came upon the first house they had seen since crossing the Missouri River. As the men traveled the road that led to Oregon City, more buildings rose in the distance. Wells pulled back on the reigns stopping his horse as they entered Main street. The town was bustling with activity. Horses, men, woman, and children hurried across the dusty road to their destinations. Continue reading →

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Genesee Michigan 1852

Cynthia Johnson looked into the mirror and fixed her light auburn hair. Tucking in a stubborn curl, she stared back at the gray eyes in the reflection. This place called Michigan was her home now. Cynthia grabbed her sewing kit and quilt pieces she was working on and headed out the door. Her mother waited for her in the wagon. They were going to visit the Millers. Martha Miller had become a good friend of Cynthia’s in the past few weeks. Each week the girls would work on their quilting and talk of anything and everything under the sun. At sixteen, almost seventeen in a few weeks, Cynthia was an adventurous young woman. After moving from Ohio to Michigan, she dreamed of going west like Martha’s brother had. What was his name? Oh yes, Wells Miller. An unusual name, but she liked it. Continue reading →

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On The Banks Of Swartz Creek : A Novel By Alyssa Tillett Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Michigan 1852

Wells B. Miller looked out the window towards the supplies and horses that were ready for the trip. California. A place where dreams and gold could be found. His Uncle David was hugging his family goodbye. His father, Daniel Miller, came over and handed him a small package wrapped carefully in brown paper. “A gift for my son on his adventure” Daniel said as he handed his son the package. Wells took the package from his father and gave him a hand shake. “Thank you Father”.

His mother, Ann, came over and gave her oldest son a hug. “We will be praying for you.” His mother, always praying for her children. “Thank you Mother” he said as he returned her hug.

“We should head out, we have to get to John’s house before dark” David secured his saddle bags and swung up in the saddle. Continue reading →

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Writings and Novels

Hello everyone! I have a big announcement! I have been writing a novel. I was going to enter it in a competition but didn’t finish it in time. Instead, I am going to post a chapter a week on the blog for you all to read! 

My inspiration for my novel came from a short book I got on my family History. The story is based on my 4th great grandfather Wells Benson Miller. I had only 3 or 4 pages of information to work off of so it has taken me some time to research that time. The main life events all happened, and places are all real places. As I have been writing I feel like I have gotten to know each character personally. I hope you all enjoy reading my story and feel free to leave comments! I would love to hear your feedback. 

Thanks for your continued support! 

P.S. Keep an eye out on my Facebook Page for updates and releases! First release coming this week! 

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