A journey back to health

  Tomorrow i start on my Vegan/Raw/Juice 2 week adventure. The past six months i have been so tired of being tired. I have hypothyroid, and anaemia, but the thing causing both of these is what i believe to be (about 90%sure) endometriosis. Since this “disease” makes it very difficult to have children in the future, i have decided to change my diet, and defeat it. Endometriosis is causing my hypothyroid and causing me to be anaemic. So to go along with my new lifestyle and changing my diet, i will also be getting a new hair cut. Time for change. I will start a new exercise program, plus be drinking 2 fresh fruit juices, and 4 vegetable juices a day, along with salads, bean burgers, rice and beans, and a few other meals that are raw or mostly raw. I am so excited! I will also be taking time throughout each day to pray, and read the Bible. I believe that spiritual health and physical health go hand in hand. Please pray for me on my new journey back to health, as i prepare my body to heal itself. It’s amazing how God created us! He created us in such a way that our bodies can heal , and get rid of, disease, with the proper help from veggies, fruits, grains, nuts, beans, pure water, and exercise. 

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another day, another time

12 April, 2011

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23 July, 2012