It has been awhile since i’ve written anything on here. But i will make sure to post more frequently, especially with my 31 day journey coming March 1. Starting March 1st i will be doing a “Reboot your health” plan. I will not eat any eggs, dairy, meat, gluten, highly processed foods. For 15-20 days i’ll be on a juice fast (Just fruit and veggie juices!) and before and after eating as clean as i can. I will also be exercising (not as much as my P-90X routine though) and trying to get in shape (maybe run a 5k in the future?). I will be blogging about this 31 day adventure and will be posting recipes for food, snacks, desserts, and juices that i have tried. This experiment on here will be a journal in a way, i will be telling you all of my struggles throughout the fast, my goals, how i feel and so on. I look forward to feeling better. A few things i have been struggling health wise are : Sleep (chronic fatigue), Energy, headaches, eczema (rash type thing that is annoying), stomach problems, weight gain, extreme mood swings, oh and did i mention i’m tired ALL the time?
    What made me want to start this? Well first off, i’m tired of being tired. Second, i watched a movie called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” that inspired me to change some things in my life. A lot of you know me as a “health nut” but recently (since Christmas) i’ve become addicted to processed foods. I need to do something now to change my health, and feel like a 23 year old instead of a 43 year old. The website i’m following and getting most of my ideas from is http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/ . The movie’s website is http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/ and you can watch it free on Hulu! And now here is a pic of me before i start. No i’m not going to do those gross belly shots. eww. face shots until i’m ready haha!

If you want to join me on the 31 day journey let me know, otherwise you can just follow up on my journey here on my blog.
Auf Wiedersehen!

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